About Omiš

About Omiš

“Truly, there is something magical and mysterious about this picturesque town in the heart of Dalmatia, also known as the Pirate City.”

Few cities can boast such a rich history as Omiš, home to famous forts once dominated by powerful pirates. They represented the terror and fear of the Adriatic coast, leaving behind many legends and traditional pirate summer nights that delight both older and younger visitors.

Omiš is a place where you will find your perfect vacation on the sandy beaches of Duće and the peaceful bays of Ruskamen. Lovers of both nature and active holidays and all those looking for romantic walks through the historic streets of this Mediterranean city will enjoy its allure.

As the Cetina river flows peacefully into the sea, a mighty mountain watches over the picturesque city. For centuries, the river, the city and the mountain have been an indivisible whole, which is still stunning with its unique beauty. You can best experience this natural synergy from the spectacular viewpoints that encircle it.

The surrounding area is perfect for an active vacation. Mountaineering, hiking, climbing, paragliding, kayaking, diving, sailing…

Probably the most famous activity is rafting on the river Cetina, and there are two kilometers of quite thrilling zipline. Take a deep breath and get going – the zipline is the closest you can get to flying over the Cetina River. More than two kilometers of wires that will carry you 150 meters above the ground are truly an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life.

The view of the magnificent mountain, the abundance of facilities for those who are adrenaline seekers, walks along the river and narrow historic streets, bathing on long sandy beaches and quiet bays are what make Omis a special place.

And shhh … legend has it that a pirate treasure was buried somewhere in the magnificent Cetina River Canyon, you might even get lucky!