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Relaxation on the Adriatic Coast: Boutique Hotel Nestos in Omiš

Welcome to paradise on the Adriatic coast - boutique hotel Nestos!
This beautiful hotel offers a unique combination of relaxation and luxury along one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire coast.

Located in the picturesque town of Duće, right by the sea and not far from the charming city of Omiš, hotel Nestos has four stars and 25 modern equipped rooms and 6 apartments.

Each accommodation unit is a blend of authentic design, comfort, and contemporary elegance, providing you with the perfect space for relaxation and enjoyment.

In addition to comfortable rooms and the proximity to the beautiful beach, the hotel also offers a unique Nestie bar.
This is a place where relaxation and indulgence come together with refreshing cocktails that are a true art for your senses. Enjoy the incredible taste and captivating appearance of cocktails while relaxing on loungers by the pool.

Hotel Nestos was created to provide an exquisite experience and priceless moments of pleasure to all guests.

Entering hotel Nestos brings a sense of warmth and comfort. Spacious modern rooms provide you with an intimate atmosphere, and there is also a swimming pool located in a private courtyard, surrounded by Mediterranean plants, where you can enjoy moments of refreshment and relaxation.

Heated outdoor swimming pool

The hotel's restaurant offers top-notch culinary delights with dishes prepared from local, fresh ingredients.

But Nestos offers more than just accommodation and a beautiful beach. The hotel also features a top-notch Wellness center Almissa that will rejuvenate your spirit and body. Enjoy a diverse range of SPA treatments, relax in a Finnish or steam sauna, dive into the Jacuzzi, or get active in the well-equipped gym.

If you are a sun and beach lover, the beaches in Duće will delight you. Shallow and sandy, they stretch for kilometers all the way to Dugi Rat in the west. Enjoy the crystal-clear sea and warm sand while surrendering to the feeling of true paradise on earth.

Duće beach

What are the characteristics of a Boutique hotel?

Boutique hotels are known for their exclusivity and the unique experience they provide to guests. Characteristics of boutique hotels include an intimate atmosphere with a smaller number of rooms, carefully designed and authentic style. Each room or suite is usually individually decorated, offering a special charm and personality. Boutique hotels stand out with personalized service, where the staff can provide attention and care to the needs of guests on an individual level. Special additional amenities include restaurants with exquisite cuisine, spa centers, or other luxurious facilities. Overall, boutique hotels are the choice for guests seeking a unique experience and special treatment tailored to their needs.

Hotel Nestos is a place where relaxation meet with the natural beauty of the Adriatic coast.
Experience the unique combination of elegance, comfort, and the endless beauty provided by this stunning boutique hotel.

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